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Free Download Pregnancy and Birth The Essential Checklists book

Pregnancy and Birth: The Essential Checklists (FSN,Wu,Filepost,FSV)
DK Publishing | English | 2009 | ISBN: 0756655838, 0756665515 | 192 pages | PDF | 15 MB

Pregnancy and Birth: The Essential Checklists covers everything parents need to know and more when expecting a new baby. It alerts parents as to what to prepare, what to buy, what to ask, what to do, and when to do it. It not only shows parents how to stay on top of everything, but it also helps them to remain one step ahead.

The book is highly practical, comprehensive and straightforward, comprising essential lists of simple steps and reminders to help parents anticipate everything they need to do in pregnancy, during birth, and with their newborn baby. Starting with what to do when the test is positive (for example, book to see your doctor and begin taking folic acid), it takes parents right through to the essential clothes, toys and equipment to buy and developmental milestones for 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months and preparing for their baby's first birthday party. It covers all the planning for the minutiae of daily life, listing what to put in the pregnancy handbag and how many diapers to buy, and listing everything needed for the big day (for example the birth plan, the birth partner's checklist, reflexology for labor and what labor snacks to bring along).

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Free Download Beginner To Advanced PHP Programming Tutorials

Beginner To Advanced PHP Programming Tutorials
English | Mov | Php file | h264 | 800x540 | 346kbps | Mp3 87kbps 44100hz | 940Mb

Explore PHP6 and other advanced PHP concepts. This video tutorial series is designed to take your PHP skills to the next level. The title says it all - this is advanced PHP stuff!Video Highlights:- Autoloading classes
- PHP name spaces to help better organize code- Setting up controllers- Learn about design patterns
- Demonstrated in easy to understand projects and examples

Course Contents:
- Autoloading Classes with Namespaces: Part 1
- Autoloading Classes with Namespaces: Part 2
- Autoloading Classes with Namespaces: Part 3
- Magic Methods, Getters and Setters: Part 1
- Magic Methods, Getters and Setters: Part 2
- Magic Methods, Getters and Setters: Part 3
- Magic Methods, Getters and Setters: Part 4

Setting Up the Htaccess File For MVC
- Dispatching Requests to Multiple Controllers
- Dispatching Views
- Introducing Anonymous Functions
- Writing an MVC Web Form
- Passing Parameters Around Our MVC Application
- Dynamic Property Assignment
- Saving to the Model from the Controller
- Searching Models from the Controller
- Implementing the Observer Pattern
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Free Download Adobe Illustrator CS3 Book

PDF | 584 pages | English | 37mb(rar)
Real World Adobe Illustrator CS3/by Mordy Golding (Author)


Real World Adobe Illustrator CS3 is the definitive reference to Adobe's industry-standard vector graphics software. With an easy, engaging style, author Mordy Golding takes readers through all of the features of the program, explaining not only how to use the multitude of features but also why and when to use them. This edition has been thoroughly updated for Illustrator CS3, including insightful techniques on using the new Live Color environment and its tools, a new Isolation mode for working on complex artwork, and new tools for drawing, erasing, modifying, and cropping graphic. New integration features with Flash CS3 are also covered in depth; for example, readers learn how symbols can be defined as movie clips for use in Flash.
Now that Illustrator and Flash are both part of several bundled offerings of the Creative Suite, this coverage is a key part of the entire uninterrupted workflow from initial concept to final execution.
Along with tips, sidebars, and expert commentary, there are also numerous illustrations and screen shots included to offer readers the most complete coverage on this extraordinary application. Designers from all fields--illustrators, animators, package designers, graphic designers, web designers, and more--will find Real World Adobe Illustrator CS3 their one-stop guide to creating powerful designs in Illustrator


Free Download How To Draw Manga Techniques For Drawing Female Manga Characters Book

The Japanese culture is well-known for its diversity. They're the forefront in animation and electronics but you also see them excelling in arts, theater, and film. These wide range of expertise stems from the Japanese's steadfast yet humble nature. The Japanese have Manga to counter the west's comics, anime to trump western cgi-driven animation, they even have pachinkos to offset the global popularity o
In this page we feature the deep art of manga creation. Manga embodies everything that is good about Japan. It's a mirror of their culture and a representation of their society. Drawing manga requires patience, determination, and a passion to bring out the creative juices in you. Techniques for Drawing Female Manga Characters will teach you all the necessary techniques to hone the needed skillsets for manga creation. Feel free to try it out by downloading it below.


Free Download The Art and Science of CSS Book

CSS-based design doesn ‘t need to be boring. The Art & Science of CSS brings together a talented collection of designers who will show you how to take the building blocks of your web site’s design (such as headings, navigation, forms, and more) and bring them to life with fully standards-compliant CSS. This full color book helps you to design web sites that not only work well across all browsers, are easy to maintain, and are highly accessible, but are also visually stunning.

Create truly attention-grabbing headings.
Discover multiple ways to present images effectively.
Use background images to give your site zest.
Build usable and attractive navigation.
Design forms that are stylish and functional.
Learn how to break away from the square box clich ?.
Create funky tables.
And lots mor

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Free Download JavaScript The Good Parts Book

Most programming languages contain good and bad parts, but JavaScript has more than its share of the bad, having been developed and released in a hurry before it could be refined. This authoritative book scrapes away these bad features to reveal a subset of JavaScript that's more reliable, readable, and maintainable than the language as a whole-a subset you can use to create truly extensible and efficient code.
Considered the JavaScript expert by many people in the development community, author Douglas Crockford identifies the abundance of good ideas that make JavaScript an outstanding object-oriented programming language-ideas such as functions, loose typing, dynamic objects, and an expressive object literal notation. Unfortunately, these good ideas are mixed in with bad and downright awful ideas, like a programming model based on global variables.


Free Download Dreamweaver CS4 For Dummies Book

For Dummies | 2008 | ISBN: 0470345020 | 456 pages | PDF | 9,2 MB
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a Web design newbie, Dreamweaver CS4 For Dummies shows you the quickest, easiest way to get up to speed on Dreamweaver. You’ll be able to create professional, great-looking, user-friendly websites in no time at all. Take advantage of the new, more customizable interface, improved integration with Flash and Photoshop, a handy new AJAX coding feature, and Live View, which lets you see your work as you create it.
Understand Dreamweaver basics, set up your site and create new pages, and work with text, graphics, and links. You can manage, test, and publish a site, define and apply styles with CSS, coordinate your design work, add audio, video, and Flash files to your site, build a dynamic Web site, and use Dreamweaver’s database features. Know how to:
Design, build, and deploy professional-looking Web sites
Use Dreamweaver’s new, more versatile preset layouts
Fine-tune styles with enhanced CSS support
Keep your pages cutting-edge with SmartObjects
Take advantage of the new, more customizable interface
Understand browser differences, make the most of CSS, build dynamic sites
Create and optimize Web graphics
Learn to maximize Cascading Style Sheets and Dreamweaver’s Layers features for creating fluid layouts
Complete with lists of ten resources, ten timesaving tips, and ten great Web sites designed in Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver CS4 For Dummies is your one-stop guide to setting up, working with, and making the most of Dreamweaver.